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Is mini golf difficult?

No, mini golf is not difficult, it can be learned in seconds. However, if you want to do all the holes in one shot (hole-in-one), you need a few years of training.

How long does a round of miniGOLF (18 holes) last?

Average playing time: 65 minutes (as of April 2022)
A group of 5-6 people usually needs at least 90 minutes for the 18 lanes. Smaller groups are significantly faster. Are all lanes occupied, we recommend using one free, that's with us no problem as the lanes are easily accessible.

What is the record for recreational players?

miniGOLF Hamburg Horn (Recreational):
41 Points (last 30 days)
40 Points (2022)

Is there a minimum age for miniGOLF?

No, but we recommend a minimum age of 8 years. Since all children are different, it always depends on the child. However, 18 lanes can quickly become too much for children under the age of 8.

How do you count the points in mini golf?

Points = Strokes
After the 6th attempt/stroke, the maximum score of 7 is noted for the track. The player with the lowest total of points wins. The best way to take notes is to use the MGP Masters APP.

What is the maximum number of strokes allowed in mini golf?

Points = shots, maximum 6 per track/lane.
After the 6th shot, the maximum score of 7 is noted for the hole.

What does "PAR" mean in mini golf?

PAR = professional average result. How many strokes does an experienced professional/club player need. The term comes from golf.

What does "PAR+" mean in mini golf?

PAR+ = experienced recreational player. How many shots does a practiced recreational player need? Since miniGOLF has more recreational players than professional/club players, PAR+ is derived from PAR but is more suitable for recreational players.

Who wins in mini golf?

The player with the lowest total of points wins.

Do I have to bring something with me to the miniGOLF?

No, you get everything you need to play at the cash register.
At the kiosk there is also a large selection of drinks, ice cream and snacks.

What is the max group sizes?

Large groups are usually divided into groups of 5 to 6, because more people on one track is no fun. However, we cannot accommodate more than 250 people. We are an outdoor track and the individual groups are only spatially separated by bushes and trees, so even the largest groups are not separated from each other (in sight).

Is a reservation necessary for the miniGOLF?

No, not necessary (exception: Groupon vouchers), but larger groups (from 20 people) should use our online reservation request to register/arrange an appointment. Groups outside the opening hours (min. 20 people) must make an online reservation request!

What is the price at miniGOLF?

A round of mini golf (18 holes) is available from €5,00 per person (adults). Children can even play a round of mini golf with us for as little as €4,00 per child!
Info, with an average playing time of 100 minutes, this corresponds to a price of approx. 30 €/hour. per person (adult).

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