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MiniGOLF 4.0

The MGP-Masters scorecard app - to the mini golf course Hamburg Horn - brings you into the 21st century. Experience minigolf4.0, be there and protect the environment!

You can download and install the "miniGOLF-App" scorecard app for free directly from the Google Play Store.

The Ready-To-Play app is designed for singles, couples and families. Minigolf is a fun activity for the whole family, couples or singles and our app takes that into account. It is just as easy to use as noting it down on a point card, so that children can also use the app. You no longer need a piece of paper and a pen, you can easily and conveniently note down your points on your Android device, see the most important information about the current lane, ball recommendation, game recommendations, game records, statistics, and much more at a glance... and that for many mini golf courses in Germany and some in Europe.

Important: Before the first game, start a "syncronization" directly on the mini golf course. The app needs a location approval and internet access for this.

Of course you can also use the APP on many mini golf courses throughout Europe. Details on the MinigolfAPP and Minigolf-Masters (Mini Golf Platz - Masters) can be found under Minigolf-Masters.


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