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miniGOLF Summary

  1. The tracks must not be entered! You are allowed to put your feet on the cushion to hit, but your heels must be on the ground throughout the shot.
  2. You have a maximum of 6 shots at each track. If the ball is still not on target after the 6th hit, 7 hits are recorded for this track.
  3. The ball may only be hit if it has clearly rested before the hit (at least 2 seconds).
  4. The ball must always be played from the point where it landed after the previous stroke. When the ball has left the track, place it in the position where you previously teeed off.
  5. Each player is responsible for the cleanliness of the track! Obstructions may not be removed while the ball is in motion.
  6. You start at track no. 1, then play up to track no. 18. If a track is occupied, you can skip it and then play the missing lanes afterwards.

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