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mini GOLF -lightning, -pyramid, -hill, -jump par excellence - successfully completing a mini golf course is not as easy as you might think.
You too can come by and see for yourself with a quiet game of mini golf on our mini golf park in Hamburg Horn, where numerous celebrities have already been guests. Mini golf as a sport and leisure activity offers the ideal opportunity for groups, teams and individuals of all ages to relax and be active at the same time.


Here you can get a first impression of the mini golf course in 3D and discover the mini golf course virtually for yourself.


You will find our mini golf course directly behind the Peerstall Hamburg Horn on the Horner Rennbahn. The Hamburg Horn mini golf course was built around 1986 and has been cared for every year since then. The journey from Hamburg is very easy.


Use our YouTube channel for videos/films about the mini golf course, but also about the various tracks, promotions and special events. More videos will follow in the near future...






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