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miniGOLF Galarie Hamburg -  Hamburg Horn - Horner Rennbahn Hamburg

mini GOLF - public park - derby

On the following pages you can inform about mini GOLF Hamburg Horn and public park Horner Rennbahn. We would like to with this page offer an attractive opportunity to obtain information to what is happening "mini golf hamburg horn", "Deutsches Derby" and "special events".

The mini-golf course in Hamburg Horn/Wandsbek/Billstedt ( invites with 18 tracks to a cozy obstacle course one, by the way exists more than 30 years on the Horner Rennbahn downright "newly fashionable". Mini Golf is the ideal sport event for groups and teams of all ages. But also to chill out or relax simply invites the mini golf course in Hamburg. Mini Golf is a sport well into old age and can be learned in a few minutes. Thus, the fun starts with the first track. Mini golf can be operated as a team or individual sports as well as a leisure activity. Free from the hustle, you can test your skills with family or friends here.

Since 1869 the most important horse race in Germany will take place in Hamburg Horn. It is one of the oldest horse races outside the UK and still one of the most significant events in equestrian sports. The first Sunday in July is the known for years date for the Derby in Hamburg Horn, thus the end of June, beginning of July, the meeting usually held. Our Derby Tip: Nowhere in the Racecourse experience the derby flair as in the Peerstall Hamburg Horn.

Outside of Derby week (late June to early July), the amusement park is a public (leisure) Park! The public park has sports fields for basketball and football, as well as a skating area. In addition, there are two official picnic areas, the Rennbahnsee, extensive lawns and in the southern area, a fenced dog run area

Minigolf Hamburg Wandsbek wish you a lot of fun.

miniGOLF Hamburg Horn
P.Schreck | info | +49(0)4154 841205
2022 / 2023 - Horner Rennbahn - Rennbahnstr. 98 - 22111 Hamburg Horn

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